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Staring at the widescreen TV

Published on Jan 9, 2023

Staring at the widescreen TV
I can't take the passivity.
Always consuming,
never producing.
I want to write,
not gogglebox all night;
to make something lasting,
rather than watch someone acting.

But sitting in front of a PC
is "anti-social", you see?
Much better to sit on the sofa,
staring like you're in a coma.
You can whip out a phone,
or tablet, or cheap Kindle clone,
but a laptop is anathema,
like talking in a cinema.

On a phone you can't game
(it's not remotely the same).
You can't write long form
(the keyboard just won't perform).
And coding? That's out
(trying just makes me want to shout).
So I do what I can
(trying to write rhymes that scan)
using my phone
(until it's acceptable to go off alone).

This is a bit moan-y and there’s a some creative license going on, but I like the anathema/cinema rhyme too much to constrain myself to reality.